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me&tucano in amazonas Brasil
me&tucano in amazonas Brasil

For twenty years I owned a ceramics studio where I worked and taught . I was always interested in colors shapes and textures.

After twenty years I realized that my true passion is colors. I express what I feel in my painting using a variety of methods and materials. My style is not restricted by historical or traditional trends. I don't distinguish between representation and abstraction.

I discovered Goethe's color theory during my training in anthroposophy-art therapy. This color theory helped me realize that the fresh and luminous nature of watercolors are healing. My internal artistic and spiritual pathway was enriched and reinforced by the anthroposophy experience.

I am always growing and looking for novel means of expressing my feelings and observations of nature in my work.


1956 Born in Brasil

1968 immigrated to Israel

Lives and creates in Israel


1971-1975 Art high school wizo France Tel Aviv, Israel  

1975-1977 Army   

1978-1982 Graduate of the art teacher's training college (BFA)Ramat Hasharon ,Israel

1987-1990 Partner of the ceramics cooperative "slush 30 "neve zedek Tel Aviv

1991-1994 Partner initiator of the cooperative "Kad al aiam" Tel Aviv

2002-2004 Study anthroposophy art therapy

Member of Impact -Israeli professional visual artist association from 1999

Solo Exhibition

1988 " Birds" Slush 30 Tel Aviv

1996 "Exotica" Punch line Tel Aviv

1997 "Adam and Eve and the lemon tree" Tel Aviv

2000 "Blue Eyes"  Association of Painters and Sculptors Gallery in Tel Aviv

Selected Group Exhibition

1987 " Israeli design "Kshatot Haiotzer "Jaffo, Tel Aviv

1989 "Raku" gallery slush 30  Tel Aviv

1994 " Like steel life "Kad al Haiam  Tel Aviv

2000 " Peace Greetings " Givhat Haviva

2000 "Israeli Spirit "artist for the Israeli spirit

2002 " Olive Leaf " Gallery Hamud Elkrah -Daliat el Carmel

2006 "Horses in the Colony" Petah Tikva

2009  "Omanut le rehava"  Herzelia

2009  "Nisui kelim 7"  Bikurei Hahitim Tel Aviv 

2010 חלונות לראווה 2 "המשכן העירוני למוסיקה ואמנות רעננה  "

2010 קוביה לבנה קוביה שחורה" גלריה קלישר תל-אביב "


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